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Environmental Sustainability

Four generations of our family have lived on and worked on our land. We hope all the future generations of Fiscalinis will do the same, which is why we are committed to finding and implementing the best techniques in sustainable farming.

Our philosophy is to harvest and forage our land to feed our cattle, and then give back to the earth in natural form to keep it productive.  On our land we grow crops, which we utilize as feed for our herd.  Using best management practices, a vast majority of the fertilizer used is manure from our own cows. 

In 2009 we finished a two-year project of building a methane digester, which allows us to convert traditional waste products into renewable resources. All of our livestock manure, whey from the cheese plant, and leftover feed and green waste are pumped into two large heated tanks where bacteria break down the components and produce methane. The methane is then piped to an internal combustion engine, which produces electricity and heat.

There is enough left over to sell back to Modesto Irrigation District to power over 300 homes. The heat generated by the engine is used to heat the digester tanks, heat the water used to sanitize the milking barn and the cheese plant, and to make the cheese. 

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