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Our Process

Our cheese making roots go all the way back to our ancestors in Switzerland who made a living producing cheese in the 1700’s. After a visit to Switzerland, John Fiscalini decided to return that time-honored family tradition of making handcrafted farmstead cheese to our dairy farm in California.

In the year 2000, John Fiscalini built our cheese plant just thirty feet from our family dairy. A used stainless-steel vat was rescued from a scrap pile, reconditioned, and moved to the Fiscalini Cheese Company facility. After installing the vat, a boiler, a refrigerated aging room, and constructing numerous parts from scratch, he was finally ready to make his first batch of cheese.

In a stroke of good luck, within a year of building the plant he hired a master cheesemaker and with his expertise improved our cheese making techniques. Like winemakers, our cheesemakers are a part of the process from start to finish and oversee their creations as they evolve during the aging process. Made mostly be hand, it takes thousands of gallons of milk to produce each batch of our handcrafted cheese.

Although the process of making cheese by hand is a timely process that requires great skill, we believe the art of making cheese in this traditional style is well worth the extra effort. The aging process of our Signature Line is an art all on its own with the wheels being hand rotated, allowing for unique rich flavor profiles to develop. From the wooden aging racks to the large smoker we use to produce our smoked cheddar, the true art form is evident in all our products.

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