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The Farmstead

We are grateful to continue the dairy farming tradition that began over 100 years ago on the same soil we call home today. Our commitment to taking care of our land and animals is a time-honored practice that has been passed down for generations.

The desire for our operation to become completely sustainable is what led us to build a methane digester, which allows us to convert traditional waste products into renewable resources. Our digester produces enough electricity to power our facility and 300 neighboring homes. The investment in green technology is a natural extension of our devotion to give back to our community and future generations.

We grow most of the feed used in our cows’ diet on our farmland, the all-natural fertilizer we use in turn enriches the land and soil.

All our cheese is made with milk that comes only from our cows on our dairy, which is located just 30 feet from our cheese plant. Having our milk source right next door means that we know our milk is as fresh as possible, and the quality is exceptional. Our cows receive the best care and we believe that happy cows produce the best milk. We are a true farmstead and confidently pass on the finest tasting cheese to our consumers.


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